Installing the JavaScript using Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a great way to manage all the additional JavaScript, or "tags" and "tracking pixels" to your website without involving development resources. Not to mention it's free!

You can view our video tutorial below:

To add the Qualaroo JavaScript within Google Tag Manager, please follow the steps below:

1. Grab the Qualaroo JavaScript from the "Install Code" option on your dashboard
2. Login to your Google Tag Manager account and navigate to the container with your domain. 
3. Click on the red “New” button, then select “Tag”.

4. Name the tag “Qualaroo”.
5. For the tag type, select “Custom HTML”.
6. Paste the JavaScript into the area provided.
7. Check the box next to “Support document.write”.
8. In the upper right hand corner, set a rule to have the tag to fire on all pages.

9. Once you have finished all of these steps, save your changes.
10. Navigate to the “Versions” section and click on “Create Version.”

Once you've completed these steps, you're ready to start creating surveys!

Note: Are you hosting Google Analytics and Qualaroo in Google Tag Manager? Please see this article if your events aren't showing up.

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