Viewing and accessing your responses

This video will give you a complete walk-through of the reporting section

After your survey is enabled on your website, there is a two-hour delay between when a visitor submits a response and when the response can be viewed, either via our notification system or within our web interface.

New survey:

Survey with responses:

Once we've collected at least one response, click on the "View Responses" just below your survey to access our reporting interface.

Reporting Overview

The view from the Overview section groups together answer selections on each question screen. You can use the date range selector at the top to focus on the responses within a specific time frame. If no time frame is selected, we display the information for the entire time the survey has been collecting responses.

Additionally, you can sort the responses by the following options:

  • Operating System/Browser
  • Page (if the survey can be taken from multiple pages on your site)
  • Individual Responses
  • Search, which allows you to search for keywords in free-response answers

Reporting by answer type

The reporting will be slightly different for each answer type. Both Single answer selection and Multiple answer selection show bar graphs to highlight the distribution across all answers. We show the total number of people who responded at the top, as well as the answer count and percentage for each answer. 

If an answer allows for a write-in, you can click through to see those responses.

If you only want to see the individual responses for those who selected a specific answer, click on that answer selection. 

If your survey has a text-based answer, we list the responses by date, showing the total number of people who responded at the top.

The NPS answer type breaks up the scores and displays the count and percentage for each. 

Individual Responses

Individual response pages will also display the following information about that particular visitor:

  • The date and time the survey was taken
  • The User Agent, which displays the operating system and browser the visitor used to take the survey
  • Their IP address
  • The referring page (if provided)
  • The page the visitor took the survey on
  • Additional information passed back using the API. See this section in our help center to learn more. 

NPS Reporting

The reporting interface for our NPS survey is designed specifically to allow you to calculate your NPS score. The data defaults to the last 30 days, but you can use the date range selector to focus on a range beyond that. You must use the NPS survey type to see this reporting - it will not show with the NPS answer type. 

CTA Reporting

If your message screen has a CTA, or you're using the URL redirect in your survey, we show you how many times those options have been clicked.

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