What browsers do you support?

Supported Desktop Browsers

  • Chrome versions 28+
  • Internet Explorer versions 9+
  • Firefox versions 28+
  • Safari versions 5.1+

Supported Mobile and Tablet Browsers

  • Safari 6+
  • Android 4.2+
  • Chrome 28+

If your visitors are using a browser type that is older than the above versions, they will not see the Qualaroo surveys. This is due to the fact that older browsers are not updated to match the advances in web technology. Some portions of the Qualaroo surveys don't work correctly or create errors in older browsers, so we've decided to block them from being seen at all.

We also support modern mobile environments. If this is something you'd like added to your account, please contact our Sales team.

While we always strive to support the latest browsers at release, new versions may be unsupported for a short while. 

If you're running one of the above browsers and either you or your visitors aren't seeing the surveys, please take a look at this help article.

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