What sort of cookies does Qualaroo use?

We use first-party cookies, so the only cookies we store are on the domain that you install the code on. All of our cookies store anonymous information about the visitor: a random UID (to count them as unique) and a two other cookies that track visits and survey views.

In regards to being COPPA compliant, Our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy are structured in such a way that any information that is collected by the surveyor is subject to the customer's own ToS and Privacy Policy.  In other words, if the creators of a website already state in their ToS and Privacy Policy that personal information is collected, then this also covers their use of Qualaroo and our cookies.

The reason we structure our policies in this way, is because there is nothing that stops our customers from creating a survey that asks a visitor's name, age, address, etc.

Our cookies are set to expire automatically after 5 years, which is a standard and common length of time. 

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