What's the best code placement for the JavaScript?

We recommend that you add the Qualaroo JavaScript just after the <body> tag in the source of each page on your website. This allows the Qualaroo JavaScript to load at the same time as the rest of your page content, and your surveys will show up properly with regards to the targeting options you've selected.

Placing the Qualaroo JavaScript in the <head>, <footer> or at the end of the <body> tag can result in slow survey loading times, or the surveys not showing up in some browsers. We use asynchronous JavaScript, so adding Qualaroo to your site will not impact your pageload time.

If you are using a tag manager, or have your website hosted on a popular CMS, we may have specific instructions for adding the javaScript. Please see this section for more information, or contact the Customer Success team if you get stuck.

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