Steps to troubleshoot why your survey isn't displaying

If you're having trouble getting your survey to display, these are the top reasons why it may not show. 

1. Is a start step selected for your survey?

There's currently a bug that only affects some cloned surveys where you need to select a start step (the first screen someone sees) in order to get your survey to appear. 

2. Is the activation scheduler being used?

Sometimes we've seen people schedule their survey to stop appearing on a specific date, then forget about this option. Make sure your survey isn't set to deactivate prior to when you'd like it to stop running. This option can be found at the bottom of the targeting section for your survey. 

3. Is the Qualaroo code on the page that your survey will appear on?

Right-click in an empty part of the webpage and select “View Page Source”.


Search for kiq in your page source and make sure the Qualaroo code block is below the <body> tag.

It should look like this:

4. Are you using the correct code that's tied to your domain?

Qualaroo's JavaScript is domain specific. If you're on a plan that supports multiple domains, you'll want to verify the correct code is installed based on the domain you expect the survey to show up on. You can do this by matching a piece of the JavaScript code within your Qualaroo account to the code on your website.

5. Is your survey configured to the correct URL?

Make sure the URL of the page you are viewing matches the URL pattern that the survey is configured for. See our targeting video for a comprehensive look at all the targeting features. 

Does this:

Match this?

6. Will the survey display if you try to preview it?

To force the survey to display, type "?qualaroo_preview" at the end of the URL you're expecting the survey to display on. An example is

If your survey does display, you may need to double-check that the visitor is meeting ALL the targeting conditions for that survey. 

7. Does the page match the URL pattern for more than one survey?

If you have more than one survey targeted to the exact same group, Qualaroo will default to showing the survey that was created first. We recommend avoiding this setup. This will not give you consistent results–either no survey will show, or some other unexpected behavior will occur. You will need to change the targeting on the other surveys, or pause them and run them at a later date.

8. Are you using an older web browser?

Qualaroo has been disabled for some web browsers. We want to ensure that the surveys we display always look good and reflect positively on your site. Particularly, we do not display the Qualaroo survey when your visitors are using Internet Explorer 6 or Netscape.

9. Does your Target URL use any special characters?

You may encounter some issues if your URL contains symbols. Please encode your URLs to convert any incompatible symbols. In particular, these three rules apply to symbols in your URL:

  • Letters (A-Z and a-z), numbers (0-9) are left as-is
  • Characters . (period), (hyphen), ~ (tilde) and (underscore) are left as-is
  • SPACE is encoded as +
  • All other characters are encoded in the forma %xx. For example, + is encoded as %2B.) Here is a useful reference from W3Schools.

For example, if your URL contains a “ (double quotation mark), it should be replaced with %22

10. Does your Target URL contain a query string?

Unfortunately, you cannot target pages with a query string in the URL using the Simple URL targeting. 

To target a page, or set of pages that look like "" you will need to use a Regular Expression.
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