Troubleshooting why your survey isn't working properly in Internet Explorer

Transitional vs. Strict DOCTYPE

We have seen cases where your survey may not show up in Internet Explorer if your page uses a Transitional DOCTYPE, or even no DOCTYPE definition at all. You can fix this issue by switching to a Strict DOCTYPE.

Incompatible with <head>

Internet Explorer 7 and 8 may not display your survey if your _kiq code is in the <head> section of your page. This is why we recommend including it in the <body>, if possible.

Compatibility with other JavaScript Plugins

We strive to make Qualaroo compatible with as many JavaScript plugins as we can. However, we cannot account for every single plugin. There is still the possibility that a plugin already on your page is preventing Qualaroo from appearing. If your survey is still not appearing, please try disabling your other scripts while troubleshooting, to narrow down which plugin may be interfering.

If you continue to have trouble with this, email our Customer Success team and include notes on which JavaScript plugins you are using, as well as which version of Internet Explorer is having trouble.

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