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Our live chat integration is only available with our Enterprise plan For more information, please contact our Sales team at +1-888-449-3364 ext 1.

Easily start an Olark, ZopIM, SnapEngage or LiveChat chat window using Qualaroo based on how a visitor answers a question. Since live chat requires a lot of staffing, Qualaroo is a great way to qualify a visitor's needs or value before sending them into a live chat with a person.

For example, you may want to understand why a visitor is delaying a decision to purchase a product on your website. If they indicate they still have a few more questions, you can ask them whether they would like to chat with someone. This has the benefit of learning about your users as well as offering live chat only if your visitor desires it.

Starting a chat window using Qualaroo:

1. Create a Survey that contains a question screen.

2. Add the step "Start a Chat".

3. Select the chat service of your choice.

4. Choose which of your answers should result in starting a chat.

In the example above, if the user chooses ‘Yes’, a LiveChat chat will start.

Step 5: Configure and Save your Survey

As long as the page that you are running your survey on also contains the appropriate code snippet, your chat program will automatically start if the user chooses the designated answer.

Be sure to have your chat window hidden from view on the page where you are running your survey so that the two products aren’t overlapping.

Helpful links

These are the installation instructions for each chat service we support

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