Whitelist and Blacklist people from seeing your survey

One of the targeting options under the "Advanced" section is for whitelisting and blacklisting site visitors. Here, you can add a list of your visitors' email addresses, and choose whether to whitelist them (target specifically) or blacklist them (exclude specifically). This option can only be used in conjunction with our Identity API.

This is a great option to use when you want to exclude your co-workers from taking the survey, or quickly target a specific group of your logged-in customers with a survey. It's available on all plans. 

The only information this field accepts is strings, such as email addresses or customer IDs.

We presently do not allow you to whitelist/blacklist IP addresses or domains. In order for this feature to work, you must have the Identity JavaScript code on your site so we can identify these visitors and target them when this option is enabled. 

You can separate identities by comma, or have each on a new line. We can match any length of email address or customer ID, but you are limited to 32,000 characters for the entire whitelist/blacklist. If you need to target more identities than this, please contact Support directly so we can help you find a different solution.

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