I just upgraded to Launch. Why are some of my surveys paused?

If you just upgraded to our Startup plan from the trial, some of your surveys may have been paused.

Unfortunately the reason your survey is paused and asking you to upgrade is due to the fact that there is a feature enabled which is only available on our Startup, Growth, Turbo Growth and Enterprise plans.

While in trial, we do give you the option to test certain features, but if you upgrade to our Launch, you will lose access to those features. We've been careful to note which of these features are premium options with the a "Startup, Growth, Turbo Growth or Enterprise" flag.

If you decide that these features are something that you'd like to have access to, please contact our Business Development team to learn more about pricing options.

Some of the common Startup, Growth, Turbo Growth and Enterprise plans features include:

Edit Tab

Target Tab

Design Tab

Mobile Surveys

If you still need help activating the survey(s) without using the Startup, Growth, Turbo Growth or Enterprise features, our Customer Success team can help by identifying which features need to be changed and how. 

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