Google Analytics not recording Qualaroo events

For additional troubleshooting, please also see this article.

When you use Qualaroo in Google Tag Manager, there is a setting that needs to be enabled if you are also using Google Analytics. It makes sure that Qualaroo data is being detected by Google Analytics. Here's how to find it:

  1. Log into your Google Tag Manager account
  2. Go to the site where you are using Qualaroo
  3. Click the arrow next to "Tags"
  4. Click on "Google Analytics"
  5. Scroll down to Track Type
  6. Expand "More Settings" and "Advanced Configuration"
  7. Check the box marked "Tracker Name" -- but don't fill in the text field!

This will tell Google Analytics to record the Tracking ID of the program that had the event (for example, when a visitor responds to a Qualaroo survey). 

If this box is not checked, the Google Analytics report shows the Tracking ID as UA-xxxxxx-xx. When you're using Chrome Developer Tools or Firebug in Firefox, this is the "utmac" parameter.

From the Google Help Center:

Note: Naming the tracker object yourself is discouraged. If you inadvertently reuse an existing tracker object name, your data may become corrupted. Although providing a name for the tracker can allow you to share state between Google Tag Manager-created trackers and your pre-existing Google Analytics code, you should instead update the code on your site to use the Google Tag Manager dataLayer syntax. Otherwise you will be unable to configure your tracking via Google Tag Manager.

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