Setting Email Response Notifications

Once you've finished setting up the target audience of your survey, at the bottom of the page if where you select how often you want to get response notifications. 

Send me an email every time I receive a response: This is the best option if you want to be able to act whenever you get a response. 

Send me an email every time I receive another 10 responses: Great for more active surveys, but there's still an element on wanting to review responses frequently without having to login to your Qualaroo account. 

Send me a daily digest of the responses I received: Best for highly trafficked where you get many responses, but still want to keep a pulse on what people are saying.

Send me a weekly digest of the responses I received: This was out top request for new notifications, and we allow you to set the day each week you want to receive the digest email

Only send me one email - the first time I get any responses: Good for those who just want to get a notification that people have begun to respond, but plan to gather the responses through the interface.

You will also have the option of specifying multiple email addresses to receive these email notifications. This is configured on a survey-by-survey basis, so you won't automatically subscribe everyone each time you make a new survey. Email addresses should be separated by commas.

Help! I unsubscribed and I didn't mean to!

Just send us a message and we'll remove you from the unsubscribe list. 

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