Targeting a Subdomain

Targeting a subdomain in the Simple URL field

Targeting One Subdomain

To target only one subdomain (i.e,,, enter the following in the Simple URL field:

This will target only the homepage of, and no other pages.

You can use the same patterns mentioned in the Simple URL article to target other subsections on the subdomain:

This survey will show up on all pages in the /products subsection of (ex:

Targeting All Subdomains

If you have many subdomains, and you'd like the survey to appear on all of them, simply enter the URL without any subdomain, and all subdomains will be targeted: 

Your survey will show up on,, and all other subdomains that have the /dashboard/settings page.

Targeting a subdomain in the Advanced URL field

Regular expressions in and of themselves are a little more complicated, but targeting a subdomain is not. You also have the opportunity to target multiple specific subdomains by using regular expressions, not just one, or exclude a particular subdomain.

Targeting Specific Subdomains

Using the "or" character, here is how you target all pages on the la and nyc subdomains on

This survey will show up on every page of and, but won't show up on or

Excluding a Subdomain

You can also exclude a specific subdomain from being targeted, by using a negative lookahead. This tells our system to target all subdomains EXCEPT the one you've specified. Here is how you exclude the dogs subdomain from*:

This will target all pages on*,*,* and any other subdomains, but it will not show the survey on*.

Excluding all Subdomains

If you only want to target your top level domain, and none of your subdomains, simply leave the subdomain area blank. 

This will target every page on, but nothing on,, and

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