Uncovering unclear or unhelpful information

There are several examples where uncovering points of friction are important. Such as making sure content on a page is clear, figuring out if visitors are having an easy time finding what they're searching for, if those visitors were able to accomplish the task they set out to do. You can easily use Qualaroo to help uncover these friction points in the site experience to give you to opportunity to correct them.

Survey Content

Possible Questions for clarity of information:

  • "Is our pricing clear?"
  • "Were you able to find the information you were looking for?"
  • "What other information would you like to see on this page?"

Recommended answer type: Single answer selection "Yes/No". If "No" is selected, ask a free-form followup question.

Example Screen 1:

If they respond "No", this could be the follow up screen:

If you need help understanding all the options available within the Survey Editor, please visit this portion of our Help Center

Recommended targeting options

TIP 1: These sorts of surveys can also be great to run while running A/B tests on messaging of marketing pages. If that's something you'd like to try, check out our Optimizely integration

TIP 2: If there's a portion of your site behind a login, try running one of these surveys along with our identity feature. Having the ability to followup with these visitors after they've responded to your survey can lead to uncovering more details from their experience. 

If you need help understanding all the options available within the Targeting Section, please visit this portion of our Help Center

These are just suggestions. We recommend experimenting to see what works best for you!

While the suggestions mentioned are a great place to start, we ask you to keep in mind that what may work well for some many not work for all. Constantly test and tweak your surveys to hone in on what works best for your circumstances. Click here to see how we recommend making changes to your surveys to get better results.

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