Targeting a Google AdWords Landing Page

It's common for people to use Google Analytics to track how well their advertising campaigns are performing. Google Analytics has a tool that allows you to create custom URLs for each campaign so that they're easier to track. If you do this, you can use a Regular Expression to target this group of site visitors for a survey.

If you'd like to do this, click here create those URLs for your campaign. If you already know the URL parameters (you only want to target CPC visitors, or a specific campaign or referrer page), you can use it to help make a RegEx for your survey.

Here's an example Google AdWords click-through URL:

Each URL parameter is separated by an &, and is composed of the parameter name (utm_source), an = sign, and the variable that you define (yelp).

With these URLs, you can combine two regex patterns - escaping the question mark for the query string, and positive lookahead - to target ads with specific characteristics.

For example, if you want to make sure that any visitor coming from a CPC campaign sees your survey, you'll want to explicitly include the "utm_medium=cpc" in the target URL, as highlighted below in green.

To use this example, you would add the following to your regex fields:

Subdomain: [leave blank]


Path: .*\?.*(?=utm_medium=cpc)

This will target any URL on the domain, with a query string that includes "utm_medium=cpc" as well as anything else. The ".*" in between the question mark and the
"(?=utm_medium=cpc)" portion allows there to be other terms or AdWords parameters in the path at that point. If it wasn't there, the path would have to start with "?utm_medium=cpc" which is not how our example Google AdWords URL is formatted.

You can be more or less restrictive with the positive lookahead, and target narrower or wider ranges of URLs, and also specify a specific page or pages where the survey can be displayed.


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