Targeting visitors by geographic location

If you only want a survey to display in a certain country, region, state, or city you can use this targeting feature to serve the survey to those locations. This option is available to customers on our Growth, Turbo Growth, and Enterprise plans.

To target by country, region, state or city, navigate to the "Targeting" section and click on "Advanced" under the "Who should be prompted to take this survey" area.

Targeting a single location

Start typing the name of the country, region, state or city you would like to target. A list will show up, and you can choose the correct location from the list. Press "enter" to quickly select the highlighted country.

Targeting multiple locations

To target multiple locations, type in the name of the country, region, state or city you'd like to add, and hit enter. Continue to enter the names of each location you'd like to add to the list. 


Excluding a location

You can also choose to exclude visitors in specific locations from seeing your survey. This can be done by changing the "Show" drop-down to "Do not show" and then adding the appropriate locations.

Seeing information in reporting

If you have the geographic location option enabled for a particular survey, we will also expose the survey takers location within the reporting. This information can be seen on the "Individual Response" area within our interface, and it will have its own column when you export the responses to CSV. 

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