Integrating Qualaroo with MailChimp

Our MailChimp integration is available to our Enterprise subscribers as an add-on for $100/month. Contact our Sales team at +1(888)449-3364 to learn more, or to request a demo. 


With our MailChimp integration, you will be able to add the email addresses of your visitors to your existing MailChimp lists. Integrating with MailChimp is done on a survey-by survey basis, so that your surveys can feed email addresses for your visitors to different lists. You can also use multiple surveys to feed to the same list.

Survey types that support the integration are:

To add the MailChimp integration to a survey, follow these steps:

1. Within the editor for an existing survey, click on "Add step" at the top

2. Click on "Integrations"

3. Select the "MailChimp" option. If you don't see this as an option, please call our Sales team at +1(888)449-3364

4. Enter the following MailChimp information:

We also give you the ability to make sure the options on the form match what you have set for your List in MailChimp. 

5. Select the Continue to screen (usually the "Thank you" message)

Once your survey is active, you should start seeing new contacts in your MailChimp within two hours. We'll also automatically check the list for existing contacts so your list doesn't get duplicates. 


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