Testing Qualaroo on your own Computer or Phone, Clearing Cookies

We have three targeting options available in the How often should this survey be displayed? section. If you've selected "Show once per visitor" or "Continue showing until a visitor provides a response" as targeting options, then you will need to clear your cookies before the survey will show again.

If you interact with the survey (answer or minimize the survey), this is counted as a response and it will not show up for you again. There are three ways you can continue testing and seeing the survey:

  1. Use a private or incognito browser window to view the site. Qualaroo uses cookies to determine whether to show a survey or not, and these special browsers don't save cookies in between sessions. We also recommend the use of Sauce Labs and Cross Browser Testing, which allow you to view your site in all popular browsers. 
  2. Change your Targeting settings. In the Target Tab, go to the "How often should this survey be displayed?" section and change the setting to "Continue showing even if a visitor has responded." This way, the survey will show up again on the live site even if you click on it. You can always change it back later.
  3. Clear your cookies on your regular browser. This one we recommend last, because doing so clears all the cookies for all your websites, and it's always a pain when they don't remember you :)
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