How legacy customers can upgrade to the new survey editor

We recently made significant improvements to the Qualaroo system. With this release, support for the legacy survey editor will cease, and all active surveys will need to migrate to the new editor. This is pretty easy to do; you just need to follow the steps below.

Video walkthrough of how to update your survey

1. Locate any active surveys using the old editor

Just click on the "Edit" option below any active survey. If the interface looks similar to the screenshot below, then you'll need to do some work before we can get you upgraded.

Surveys like this will need to be changed before your account can be transitioned.

2. Pause and clone these old surveys

Cloning a survey using the old editor will immediately give you access to the new survey editor.

3. Configure your survey in the new editor

Depending on how your survey was configured in the old editor, you may have to do a few, or all of the following.

1. Select a start step: This function is how to set which question your visitors will see first

2. Add a message screen: This is the last screen someone sees when they've finished with your survey. The message defaults to "Thank you!", but depending on your plan type you can add more text, or add a call to action.

3. Set up your branching logic: If you're asking more than one question, you'll want to set up which question your visitors see after they've responded to the first question.

4. Save your changes, then target your survey.

Click on "Save" at the bottom of the page, then move on to the targeting section to designate where the survey should appear. If you need help targeting your survey, check out this portion of our Help Center.

Questions about the upgrade

Why do I need to upgrade?

Our team has spent the last few months making significant improvements to the Qualaroo system. Most of our current subscribers won't even notice the difference, but for those who have been using us since the beginning, the legacy editor will officially not be supported anymore.

We want to make sure those who have been using us for years get to take advantage of all of the new features available in the current editor, not to mention the features we plan to release moving forward!

When do I need to upgrade all of my old surveys?

We recommend upgrading your surveys as soon as possible, but the cut off date will be August 15th, 2014

What happens if I don't upgrade?

Unfortunately if you do not move any old surveys to the new editor, once your account is switched to the new system, any active surveys will stop displaying on your site. 

I'm having trouble upgrading my surveys! Please help!

The support team is here to help! Shoot us an email and we'll get you taken care of. 

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