May 2015 - New Design API for Enterprise

Many people have asked for greater Design options, and we've moved forward with creating a Design API for our Enterprise clients that allows you to fully manipulate all Qualaroo units with your own custom CSS. 

How does it work?

Prefix your CSS values with "qual_". This gives you the ability to overwrite our client CSS so you can  declare your own CSS rules for our elements. It is recommended that you create a qualaroo-custom.css file within the header of your site. 

How do I get access to it?

If you're already on our Enterprise plan, you already have the ability to overwrite our CSS with your own. To trial or upgrade, please call our Sales team at +1(888) 449-3364. 

Which nudges can I create custom CSS for?

You can create custom CSS for all Qualaroo units, including surveys, mobile surveys, announcements, lead generation forms and overlays. 

What are some examples of things I can do with the Design API?

You could move the button of the CTA overlay anywhere you like. You could adjust the opacity of the overlay backdrop. You could force the survey unit to show in the center of your screen. Essentially, if you know how to do something with CSS, you can to that to your surveys and nudges with the Design API.

What if I don't know CSS? Can you design my survey for me?

Use of the Design API resides with the customer, and you will need your own design resource to manipulate the CSS. While we're happy to support any issues you may encounter, as our team cannot write CSS for you. 

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