Using Qualaroo for Website Optimization

Website optimization can feel like a daunting project. Which pages need to be fixed? What content should I change? How will the redesign affect my conversion rate? These are big questions, but they’re worth asking, and the end results are worth it.

Qualaroo can play a key part in the overall redesign of your site. While analytics tools can give you some perspective on your problem pages, and the biggest drop offs in your funnel, surveying visitors will help you understand why people are leaving, and what their biggest issues are.

Below are some survey recipes to consider if you’re planning a website redesign:

Site experience survey with opt-in

If you're not sure where to start, this survey is a great one to begin with. It's generic enough to work with any type of site or service, and the questions will allow you to see where your top problem areas are. 

Understanding visitor Intent to prepare for an A/B test

Focusing on the intentions a visitor has when they come to your website or if they're on a specific page can reveal quite a bit about how information could possibly be presented. By making sure your redesign makes it easy for people to find the content they’re most interested in when they first come to your site is a cornerstone in website redesign.

Increasing the conversion of pages with a high bounce rate

When it comes to landing pages, it’s all about expectations. Whatever enticed that visitor to click on the link or ad that brought them to a specific page plays a huge part in setting the visitor up for the initial experience with your site and products. If the visitors expectations aren’t met, or they don’t immediately see the appeal in staying on your site longer, then they’ll leave. Next to understanding visitor intent, decreasing pages with the highest bounce rate should also be a top priority in your redesign.

Understand buyer perception relative to competitors

Uncovering your position relative to your competitors can help you to better understand how your visitors perceive you. While it’s never recommended to get too obsessed with where you sit in the market, this is a good benchmark to understand to see whether your website redesign has an effect on where you sit in the market.

Go mobile!

Now that having a responsive website affects how you’re ranked, it’s a good idea to mirror some of these desktop surveys for your mobile visitors as well.

Once you’ve run these surveys prior to your redesign, run them again after the redesign is complete. It’s important to compare both quantitative and qualitative data to see the effect the new design has had.



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