Integrating Qualaroo with Salesforce

Our Salesforce integration is available to our Enterprise subscribers as an add-on for $100/month. Contact our Sales team at +1(888)449-3364 to learn more, or to request a demo. 


With our Salesforce integration, you have two options. You can push new leads into Salesforce through one of our lead generations, or you can send survey and NPS data to a custom object within a Salesforce account. 

Pushing Survey data to Salesforce Lead

The survey types that can be used with this integration are:

To add this integration to your survey, follow these steps:

1. Within the editor for an existing survey, click on "Add step" at the top

2. Select "Integrations"

3. Select "Salesforce". If you don't see this as an option, please call our Sales team at +1(888)449-3364

4. Login to your Salesforce account

5. Click on "Lead" under "Object Type"

6. Make sure the fields in your survey match what you'd like to collect for your new lead. 

7. Select the Continue to screen (usually the "Thank you" message)

TIP: The Salesforce field will end with a "__c"

Pushing Survey data to Salesforce Custom Object

The survey types that can be used with this integration are:

To add the integration on an active survey, follow the same steps as above up to #5. Click on "Custom Object" under "Object Type". Enter the name of the Custom Object you want the survey details to get sent to. 

If you've never created a custom object in Salesforce, see this help article, or you can watch the following video. 

Our canonical name should match the API name in Salesforce. An example should be if you put "Date Range" with capitalized letters, then the canonical name in Qualaroo should also match the capitalization.

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