Upcoming downtime - September 4th - 5th

This month Qualaroo will be performing some maintenance that will require us to take the service down for a bit. During this window, you will not be able to access your Qualaroo dashboard, which means you cannot create or edit surveys, nor will you be able to view responses via the interface. While the service is down, your active surveys will continue to run and collect responses. 

Downtime will be on September 4th from 6pm to September 5th at 6pm EST.

We will be updating this post during the downtime with updates. 


Sept 7th 12:19 PM EST (4:19PM GMT): Confirmed response delay has returned to the normal 2 hour delay.

Sept 5th 12:40PM EST (4:40PM GMT): Service is resorted. Responses collected during downtime begin to process.

Sept 5th 12:20PM EST (4:20PM GMT): Everything passes QA

Sept 5th 12:00PM EST (4:00PM GMT): Testing begins

Sept 4th 6:00PM EST (10:00PM GMT): http://app.qualaroo.com is taken down

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