Using Qualaroo for Voice of the Customer

What is "Voice of the Customer" and what impact can it have on your business?

Voice of the Customer is, quite simply, feedback from your customers and website visitors about your product or service. It represents the collective sentiment of how your customers perceive your company and the value of your products and service. Voice of customer is arguably the most important data, because it is the market response to your offering.

This feedback can be used to do the following:

  • Uncover the differences between people who are highly engaged with your product, and those who just churned. Incorporate this material into idle customer outreach.
  • Potential Beta-testers for new features.
  • Possible leads for Case Studies.
  • Uncovering creative uses of your product to show-case on Product Marketing pages.
  • Gathering feedback that Marketing and Sales could use as hooks to convert leads.
  • Uncover frustrations customers have with the product, or missing/under developed features.
  • Uncover confusion over certain features.

Using Qualaroo to collect VOC feedback

Using a survey tool such as Qualaroo is the easiest way to keep a pulse on how your customers and visitors perceive you. Below are the three surveys we recommend running for VOC:


Voice of the Customer - Qualaroo

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