Using Qualaroo for In-site Surveys

There are a variety of reasons for wanting to survey those who come to your site. Whether it's to find out your NPS score, or you just want to know the search term that lead them to you, qualitative feedback is becoming just as important as quantitative metrics. Qualaroo is the tool to use for in-site surveys due to our powerful targeting options. 

What can I do with the feedback from in-site surveys?

Website surveys can be used to improve all areas of your business and help uncover insights that help your business grow.

Insights to optimize your website – Website surveys can give you voice of customer feedback that tells you what is preventing them from converting on your site. You can use this information to inform your A/B tests and improve conversion rates. If users express confusion about your return policy, for example, you can test whether making it more prominent improves purchase rates.

Insights to improve marketing – Understanding the intent of your website visitors and what they are hoping to accomplish is a great way to identify the benefits and features to highlight to customers in your marketing efforts both on and off site. Learning where visitors first heard of you is an effective way to prioritize investment in future marketing activities. Both efforts can lead to improved return on marketing spend.

Insights to improve product – Customer feedback has always been a valuable part of product development. Now you can easily hear from visitors who are considering a purchase, not just those that already bought.

Insights to unlock growth – Ultimately all of these insights can lead to an improved growth rate for your business. By tapping into the needs, wants and intent of your website visitors you can hone your message and offer to attract the highest number of most qualified prospects, driving your business forward.

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