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SUPR-Q: Standardized User Experience Percentile Rank Questionnaire


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    Andres Paz


    I wanted to point out that your SUPR-Q formula is wrong and I highly recommend that you make the correction. I foolishly used SUPR-Q score =  ((sum of responses excluding NPS)/7) + (NPS response/2), even though I knew something felt off. Your formula puts a ton of weight (50%) on to the NPS/2. In actuality, you need to average NPS with the other responses, instead of average the other responses then add NPS. I seriously hope this isnt the formula Qualaroo uses in its UXR package. 

    A more accurate formula is: [(NPS/2 + sum of other response)/8]*20

    Multiplying by 20 gives you the percentile rank out of 100. I hope this helps.

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