How to Activate Your Survey


In Qualaroo, you can activate your survey in various ways and at different stages of your survey creation and deployment. It gives you easy control to activate/deactivate your surveys.


Benefits of using the ‘Activate Survey’ option:


  • Quickly check how the survey appears on your website.

  • Customize your saved and existing survey before activating it on the website.


To activate your survey:


1. From within the survey builder while creating a new survey


Click on ‘SAVE AND ACTIVATE’ in the bottom navigation menu on the design window.


Activating a Newly Created Survey


You will get a message upon successful activation of your survey.


Activation Successful Message


2. From the survey dashboard


You can directly activate your survey from the dashboard itself. Just click on the toggle button to activate it.


Activating a Survey from the Dashboard


3. Activating an existing survey


In the survey editor,


  • Click the toggle button in the navigation menu at the bottom.


Activating a Survey from the editor


  • Click on ‘Save.’ You will be able to see that your survey is active.


Saving the changes


That is all about activating the survey.



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