What Survey Questions Should I Ask?


Here is a list of questions broken down into categories that you can ask visitors on your website. If the question is linked, click on the link to view our recommended survey setup. 

Uncover How Your Visitors Found Out About You


Understand Purpose of Visit / Intent


Investigate Bounce Rate


Understand Position Relative to Competition


Uncover Missing Content


Build Buyer Persona / Segment Differences

  • "What is your role?"
  • "What does your typical day look like?"
  • "How is your success in your role measured?"
  • "What did you come here to do today?"
  • "What problem does our product solve for you?"
  • "What do you want to achieve by using our product?"
  • "What tools are you using?"
  • "How has this feature impacted your work?"
  • "What is your biggest pain point?"
  • "What frustrates you?"
  • "What keeps you awake at night?"
  • "What is your biggest desire concerning your problem?"
  • "How often do you encounter your problem?"
  • "What devices or tools are you normally using when encountering this problem?"
  • "How is your success in your role measured?"
  • "What frustrates you (during your work)?"
  • "Which of the following best describes you?"
  • "I came here to..." (Offer several answer options)


Find Out Net Promoter Score / Scale of Satisfaction


Uncover Issues & Exit Intent


Explore Product-Market Fit

  • What problem are you aiming to solve with this product?

  • What other solutions have you tried?

  • What was the most challenging part about using this product?

  • How disappointed would you be if you had to stop using this product?

  • Who would you recommend our product to?

  • How likely are you to continue using this product?

  • What features would you like to see in the future?

  • What could make your experience better with this product?


Uncover the Appeals of Your Site / Product


Understand Reservations With Using or Purchasing Product


Solicit Product Feedback


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