Targeting by Simple URL

The "Where should this survey appear?" area allows you to control what portions of your site have the ability to fire the survey. There are two options: Simple URL and Advanced URL, which is controlled with regular expressions. This article covers the Simple URL option.

Use the "Simple URL" field if you are planning to target non-dynamic portions of your website. There are a number of options that can work here.

Targeting your entire website

To do this, just enter your domain, followed by a slash and asterisk. It would look like*. All pages on your site, including all subdomains, will be targeted. The asterisk (*) at the end of the URL means "anything after this".

You may notice that if you add "" as the URL, that the "www" portion is stripped out. This happens automatically, and our system knows to target "" and "" if both are available. 

If you don't specify a subdomain (see below), then the survey will be targeted to any matching page on all subdomains.

Targeting a specific subdomain

A subdomain is a sub-set of a website, like or We do allow you to target a single subdomain on your site in the Simple URL field. 

Targeting sections or pages

It's easy to target a subsection of your website, like or[product ID]/view.


Targeting a specific URL

If you only want to target a specific URL, like a particular blog post or product, enter in the exact URL without the asterisk. An example is The survey will only show on that one page.


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