How to Boost CRM Email Campaigns With Link Surveys


In Qualaroo, you can use Link Surveys to boost CRM Email campaigns. You can leverage Link surveys to ask professional, personalized questions powered by your CRM. 


Though this method can be applied to most CRMs, for an easy understanding we’ll use Hubspot.

Benefits of boosting CRM email campaigns with Link Surveys:


  • Automate your email campaigns

  • Optimize your conversion rate

  • Track the user activities on your survey


In this article, you will learn,


1. How to Create a Link Survey

2. How to Add to the Link Survey URL

3. How to Implement Your Complete Link Survey URL

4. How to View the Results


 How to Create a Link Survey


Step 1: Click “Create New” on your Qualaroo dashboard.


Create a new survey


Step 2: Hover to “Link Nudge” and click “NEW FROM SCRATCH.” You can also choose an existing template.


Create a Link Nudge from scratch or using a template


Step 3: In the Answer type, select “Single answer selection (radio button).”


Select the answer type


Once you have designed your survey to your liking, navigate to your Qualaroo Dashboard and locate the link associated with your Link Survey. We will be making additions to the following URL.


Locate the Link Survey on your Qualaroo dashboard


 How to Add to the Link Survey URL


Before we continue, let's review the functions of each element that we will be adding to the URL in order of appearance.


*Please note that we will be referring to the entire Survey Link as "URL link" or "URL" during our discussion.


1. The question mark symbol "?" separates the URL link from the additions to be made.


  • In practice, it will look like this: URL?...


2. The letter "a" is used within the URL to assign the value of which answer option to the first question is selected. For example, if the respondent were to answer option one, they would be responding to the URL in which a = 0 (please note that we begin counting from 0 instead of 1 with this method).


  • Example URL: URL?a=0...


 How to Implement Your Complete Link Survey URL


When you have your Link Survey created with all desired elements, your next step is to create and assign a unique URL for each answer option available for the first question. The Radio Button option is required here as it allows for only one response to the first question. The URL remains the same except for the value of "a." Please see below for specifics:


Assign Value of "a"

 How to View the Results


Whether you select a Call-to-Action or embed the link in the Html code of the email, the first answer selected in the email will be available within the Qualaroo’s Beta Reporting Dashboard and corresponding CSV exports. We have selected the option “Yes” in the example below, shown within the Individual Response tab in the Reporting Dashboard:


View results


That is all about boosting CRM email campaigns with link surveys.



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