What Sort of Cookies Does Qualaroo Use?


Qualaroo uses first-party cookies, so the cookies stored are only on the domain where you have installed the code. All the Qualaroo cookies store anonymous information about the visitor, such as a random UID (to count them as unique), and keep track of visits and survey views.


You can set a custom expiration date by adding this line at the end of your snippet:


_kiq.push(['setCookieExpireDays', 365]);


NOTE: The cookie expiry date must be set in days. For example, 365 refers to a cookie valid for one year.


Using cookies in your surveys is helpful as


  • Cookies can be set for a specific duration

  • They are easy to deploy

  • They are stored on the client-side end and thus load fast


You can view the cookies used by Qualaroo by inspecting the element of your survey page on your browser.


Qualaroo Cookie


List of all the cookies used in Qualaroo:

  • ki_r: To be used when the user logs the initial document referrer when available for targeting purposes


Example: https%3A%2F%2Fgoogle.com%2F


  • ki_s: Is used to view the current state of any survey the user has viewed or interacted with


Example: 133733%3A1.


Format: [SURVEY_ID]:[0].[1].[2].[3].[4];


0 - Integer. It denotes the number of times the survey has been viewed.

1 - Boolean. If the user completed the survey.

2 - Reserved.

3 - Boolean. If the user minimized the survey.

4 - Integer. When you only want to show a percentage of traffic, Qualaroo uses the Monte-Carlo method for selecting users to see the survey. Then it stores if the users are a participant. Value is either: 0 = false, 1 = true, 2 = undefined.


  • ki_t: To be used for timestamps and view counts.


Example: 1459968143765%3B1480618792131%3B1480618792131%3B76%3B616


Format: [0];[1];[2];[3];[4]


0 - Epoch, milliseconds. To be used when the first time the user visits the page.

1 - Epoch, milliseconds. To be used when the last time the user visited a page.

2 - Epoch, milliseconds. To be used for the current visit time.

3 - Integer. To be used for the unique number of all page visits.

4 - Integer. To be used for all page views.


  • ki_u - To be used for anonymous identity to associate with responses.

  • ki_rec_saw -  To be stored when a nudge appears on the screen.


cookie when the nudge appears on the screen


  • ki_rec-res - To be stored when a user either responds or declines the survey based on the number of days you have mentioned in the targeting section.

Mention the days after which the survey will show up whether responded to or declined


cookie after user has responded to the survey


Concerning COPPA compliance, Qualaroo’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy are structured so that any information the surveyor collects is subject to the customer’s ToS and Privacy Policy.


In other words, if the creators of a website already state in their ToS and Privacy Policy that personal information is collected, then this also covers their use of Qualaroo and our cookies.

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