Alternatives to Exit Intent on Mobile Devices


While Exit Intent is a powerful feature that helps target users who are about to leave your website, Qualaroo does not support Exit Intent on mobile devices due to the lack of mouse movement.


However, Qualaroo supports alternative methods to help intercept your users before they leave. This article details a few examples of how you can reach your existing audience.


Following are the alternatives to Exit Intent on Mobile Devices


1. Confirmation Page Surveys

2. Targeting an Action Associated with Exit Intent


 Confirmation Page Surveys

Besides having a very high response rate, confirmation page surveys also guarantee that you can ask for feedback before your users leave your website (but are arguably still engaged).


One popular location associated with this method is a confirmation page that follows a purchase.


Confirmation Page Survey


We suggest firing the survey immediately after the page loads on the confirmation page. Confirmation pages tend to have unique URLs associated with them, meaning you can target every path after the confirmation page.


Advanced URL Targeting


 Targeting an Action Associated With Exit Intent

This option involves setting up a Custom Property to match an action onsite associated with exit intent. The challenge here is determining what actions (if any) are associated with a user leaving your site. It does have a strong use case for specific websites, but not for all.

If you have a button associated with exit intent, you can set the nudge to fire when the action "Element is Clicked" is true.


If you are interested in exploring this topic but are unsure where to begin, please feel free to reach out to us. We can discuss your goals and develop a custom strategy for your success.

That is all about alternatives to exit intent on mobile devices.
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