How to Test Your Survey on a Live Site


Before rolling it out to your users, you can test your nudge in a live environment. Qualaroo gives a few more options to help you test on-site without other users seeing your nudge before it's ready.


In this article, you will learn:


1. Testing by Whitelisting

2. Testing by Cookie Targeting

3. How to set a cookie on your browser


 Testing by Whitelisting


You can target your survey with the “Whitelist your IP Address or Identity” option. If you are targeting your nudge before a login wall or aren’t using the Identity API feature, whitelisting your IP Address will be the best option.


 Testing by Cookie Targeting


This option involves setting a cookie within your browser and testing the survey by targeting that cookie.


In the Target: Advanced section:


Step1: Select the checkbox in front of the “When specified cookies are present on the user’s browser.”


Step 2: Select “Display” and “ANY” options.


Step 3: Enter “test cookie” in the input field.


Test Cookie


Step 4: Select the “Immediately after the page loads” option in the WHEN section.




Step 5: Select the “Continue showing even if a visitor has responded” option in the HOW OFTEN section.


Now you can activate your survey.


 How to set a cookie on your browser


  1. Open your browser in incognito mode.

  2. Access one of the pages you’ve targeted for your survey.

  3. Go to “View” in the Chrome menu and select “Developer > JavaScript Console.”

  4. There will be a blue command prompt in the window. Add the string document.cookie = "testcookie=1; expires=Thu, 10 June 2020 17:00:00 UTC";

  5. Refresh your browser, and the survey will show up.


Test survey cookie

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