How to Target a 404 Page


Qualaroo lets you target error pages on your website, even a 404 error page. These pages can have varying URLs, making them tough to target.


Why add a survey to the 404 page:


  • Use the opportunity to collect feedback from error pages.

  • Get an insight into the users’ sentiments.


How to Target 404 Pages


1. If the webserver redirects you to a specific error page, i.e.,

  • You should be able to target this page URL normally with /error.


2. If the webserver preserves the original URL, i.e.,

Since we can’t detect 404s automatically and the URL is not unique, we must use custom properties to target these pages.

Step 1: Find the HTML template for your 404 pages and add the following code immediately after your Qualaroo snippet:



Step 2: Create a new survey for your 404 pages with a simple URL targeting*


Step 3: Under targeting, scroll down to Target: Advanced. Select “When passed custom property is matched.”


Step 4: Enter the following in the field below:



target 404 page


That is all about targeting a 404 page.


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