How to Decide When Your Nudge Should Be Displayed on the Site


In Qualaroo, you can activate your survey nudge on a target URL based on different user behavior at the page level and their position on the page.


It can help you:

  • Set the exact timing of the survey to appear.

  • Trigger the survey when the visitor is most engaged with the page.

  • Increase your chances of getting a response.


To Set the Survey Timing on the Page


In the TARGETING section,


  • Scroll down to the ‘WHEN’ section in the targeting options
  • Choose your trigger action from the listed options.


Options under "When should the nudge be displayed"

How Does Each Option Work?


  • Immediately after the page loads: The survey will appear as soon as the page finishes loading.


  • After a user has been viewing the page for X seconds/minutes: The survey will display after a timed delay. This timed delay will reset upon each new page load. If the user leaves the page before the time limit, they will not see the nudge. It is generally considered good practice to set some level of timed delay. 




That is all about choosing the options for displaying the nudge.



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