How to Set up Targeting Based on Referring Domain


With Qualaroo, you can target your surveys to visitors who come from specific domains. This option helps you show your survey to the right audience based on their source.


  • Suppose you are a travel agency that offers various tour packages and deals. You want to survey your visitors who come from different sources, such as social media, email newsletters, or partner websites.
  • You can use Qualaroo’s targeting feature to show the survey only to visitors who come from a specific domain, such as,, or


Why target by referring domain:


Collect valuable feedback from your visitors, segment them based on their source and preferences, and follow up with them via email or phone to offer them a personalized solution.


To set up targeting based on referring domain:


In the TARGETING section, 


  • Scroll down to Target: Behavior

  • Choose the percentage of visitors to target based on requirements.

  • Click the radio button next to “Came to your site and the referring domain.”

  • Select the condition from the drop-down.

  • Enter the domain name you want to set/exclude as the referring domain.


targeting by behavior


Don’t forget to click Save to finalize your changes.


A Few Use Cases:


Target a specific referring traffic source

You can target visitors who come to your site from particular web pages, including social media or advertising partners.


For most sites, the referring domain will be the same as the site - for example, you can target traffic from Facebook by using "is"


For others, there may be a slightly different referring domain. Twitter is a great example, and you can target traffic from Twitter by using "is"


Target landing pages

If you want to focus on your site's landing pages, you can set this option to "is not"


Target internal traffic

If you want to target visitors only from internal pages and not outside traffic, set this option to "is"


Target specific pages/paths

Unfortunately, we only allow you to target the top-level domain with this feature. 


And that's it! If you encounter any issues or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. 



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