How to Add Your Logo


Add a custom logo to your Qualaroo surveys for enhanced user engagement and solid brand identity.



Here's a preview of what a survey should look like with a custom logo:


Qualaroo Survey with a custom logo


By adding a  custom logo to your brand, you can:


  • Establish strong brand awareness
  • Generate valuable user feedback
  • Add a professional touch to your surveys



To Add Your Logo


Step 1: Navigate to the Design section.


Step 2: Select the "Use a custom logo" option under the "Logo Upload" category.


Use a custom logo


Step 3: Upload Your Logo


  • To upload a new logo, choose "Upload new" and select the desired image file.


Choose a file to upload




Alternatively, if your logo is already uploaded in the Qualaroo system, select "Existing."


Select an already upload file


Once done, your survey with a logo will appear as shown below.


Qualaroo survey with a custom logo


Qualaroo’s recommendation for uploading logo images


To ensure optimal loading and appearance, adhere to the following recommendations when creating logo images:

  • Use a 72 DPI resolution for compatibility with computer and tablet devices.
  • Maintain logo dimensions within 566px width by 80px height to prevent unwanted compression.
  • Opt for a transparent background to seamlessly integrate with varying survey background colors.
  • Save your logo in PNG or GIF format for efficient rendering across browsers, avoiding JPG, PSD, or TIFF formats.
  • Avoid apostrophes in the file name, as they can prevent logo display (though the logo will still show as uploaded).


NOTE: The number of logos you can add depends upon your plan.


That's all about adding a logo to your survey. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, feel free to reach out to our support team



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