Using Branching or Skip Logic Within a Survey


You can show different questions to respondents based on their responses to previous questions in a survey. This is called branching logic.


You can utilize branching logic for the single answer selection (radio button). You can create different paths for respondents within the same survey based on their responses to collect relevant data.


To apply the branching logic, follow the screenshot instructions.


Add questions, answers options, select start step, and apply branching logic


1. Add Screen: This option allows you to add more question screens to your survey. We do not limit the number of question screens you can have within a survey. 

2. Select the Start Screen: The radio button above the screen allows you to select the starting screen for your survey. It is the first screen your visitors will see. We recommend using the first screen as your starting screen.

3. "If selected, continue to": Once you have more question screens, you can use this drop-down to select which screen to show the visitor if they choose that particular answer.


Below is an overview of how branching or skip logic works in a survey:


Branching or skip logic in a survey


That is all about using branching or skip logic within a survey.



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