How to Display Multiple Questions on a Qualaroo Nudge™


With Qualaroo, you can create a single nudge with multiple questions to ensure an increased response rate to every question. The feature lets you display questions that are not connected with each other on a single screen and collect valuable responses to work on.


Also, it is important to note that if you wish to use branching in your survey, you can give this feature a pass.


Here’s what the Qualaroo nudge™ will look like with multiple questions:


A screenshot with a nudge preview having multiple questions in a single page


By displaying multiple questions, you can:


  • Notify the target audience about the survey questions in one place

  • Increase the probability of getting responses to every question

  • Improve the overall survey-taking experience


How to Enable Displaying Multiple Questions on a Qualaroo Nudge™


1. Log in to your Qualaroo account and navigate to the Create New button to create a new survey.


The screenshot shows a Qualaroo dashboard with existing surveys and a focus on the Create New button


You can also open an existing survey to edit.


2. Add your survey questions and answer options.


Note: The branching or skip logic will not suit this scenario. Hence, you must create a survey with no dependency on selected answers.


The screenshot shows Qualaroo survey maker to add questions and its answers.


3. Proceed to the Design tab and check “Multiple questions on one screen.”


Enable Multiple Questions on a screen for your survey


You can now see every survey question on the nudge. Don't forget to click Save.



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