How to Customize the Color and Design of Your Survey


Customizing the color & design of survey elements that allows users to tailor the visual appearance of their surveys. Whether it's adjusting the color scheme, modifying question elements, or fine-tuning the overall design, this feature provides users with the flexibility to create surveys that seamlessly align with their brand identity and user experience goals.


Here's how the Qualaroo Nudge appears with custom color effects:


custom color effects


Color customization for your surveys lets you:


  • Match the survey theme color with websites and apps.

  • Make your surveys more engaging and attractive.


How to Customize the Color & Design of Survey Elements:


Step 1: After creating and setting targeting options, navigate to the "Design" section in Qualaroo.


Step 2: Select a Light or Dark theme for your survey's nudge aligning with your brand apperance.


nudge theme color


Step 3: Customizing the Nudge

  • Click on the "Nudge" option to access customization settings.

  • Customize Background Color.

  • Set Nudge Position and choose its size (Default, Medium, or Large).


nudge customization options


Step 4: Customizing the 'Question' elements 


  • Click on the "Question" option.
  • Customize the Text color and Font Size & Style for Question and Description.
  • Set the Font Style for the question and description text as Normal or Italic.


question screen


Step 4: Customizing the Answer Elements Design

  • Click on the "Answer" option.

  • Customize the color scheme of various elements under ‘Answers.’


anwer elements


Step 5: Customize the Button Design

  • Click on the "Buttons" option.

  • Adjust Background Color and Hover Color for buttons.


button customization 


Step 6: Customizing UI controls 

  • Click on UI controls.

  • Choose a color for different UI controls.


Ui Controls customization


Step 7: Customizing the 'Thank You' page

  • Click on the "Checkmark icon" option.

  • Adjust the Background and Border Color for the Thank You page.


thank you page


Step 8: Customizing Logo


Click the logo upload option and set your as per your prefrences.


logo uplaod


Step 9: Click SAVE to apply the changes.


TIP: Qualaroo’s Premium plan gives you complete customization over CSS with the Design API.


That's all you need to know about customizing your survey elements in Qualaroo. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, feel free to contact our support team.



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