How to Use Bold, Headlines, & Italics in Survey Text


Make your survey text more captivating and visually appealing with text formatting options in Qualaroo. With markdown support, you can effortlessly apply bold or italic styles to your text and utilize eye-catching headings in question descriptions and message screens.


By leveraging markdown syntax, you can seamlessly convert your text into HTML code, ensuring a seamless and efficient writing experience. 


Benefits of Markdown editor:


  • Format text content without any HTML or CSS syntax

  • Personalize your text with simple markdown syntax

  • Easy to use


A few examples of Markdown syntax:


Enter “##YOUR TEXT” in the text editor to format the survey text into a heading.


format text into heading

Here's how it will appear on your survey.


survey with a heading text


To bold a survey text, enter “**YOUR TEXT**.”


bold the survey text


Here's how it will appear on your survey:


survey text formatted into bold


To italicize the survey text, enter *YOUR TEXT*


italicize the text


Here's how it will appear on your survey.


text formatted to italics



In this article, you will learn:


1. How to Customize Your Question Text

2. How to Customize Your Message Screen

3. How to Add Markdown to Text

4. How to Preview Markdown in Your Survey/Nudge


 How to Customize Your Question Description Text


Step 1: Tick the ‘Display a description’ checkbox below your question text in your survey editor.


Checking the 'Display a description' box


Step 2: Add a description to your question in the box.


Step 3: To customize your text into a header, use ‘#’ before the text.


Adding the description


You can see the preview of your question description like this.


Preview of Question Description'


 How to Customize Your Message Screen


Step 1: Enter the message in your text editor.


Step 2: To format your text into italics, enter *your message* in the markup editor.


Customizing the message screen


Your customized message will look like this.


Customized Message Screen


 How to Add Markdown to Text


The text in your survey is centrally aligned by default. This table shows examples of using markdown to add formatting to your surveys, including links and images.


Markdown Syntax



Note: These examples demonstrate one way you can add specific formatting. There might also be additional ways you can achieve the same configuration.


You can add other formatting options with markdown. For more options and information, see the complete Markdown syntax documentation. Some of these are not supported by Qualaroo.


 How to Preview Markdown in Your Survey or Nudge


You can preview your markdown formatting from the survey preview screen or nudge before saving your changes.


Images note: Images can be in .jpg, .gif, or .png format and should be limited to 250 pixels wide. If you choose an image size wider than this constraint, it will be automatically resized to fit, resulting in unwanted image compression.


And that's it! If you encounter any issues or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.



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