How to Customize the Nudge Position


Customize the positioning of the Qualaroo Nudge to align it with your brand's identity. This help article will guide you through the steps to adjust the placement of the nudge for your surveys, ensuring optimal user engagement while maintaining a non-intrusive user experience.


NOTE: The nudge placement works only for desktop surveys.


This is how a survey will be displayed on your intended page when the position is configured in the bottom right corner:


nudhe positioned at bottom right


Positioning the nudge can:


  • Avoid overlapping with other overlays on the page.

  • Provide a non-intrusive user experience.

  • Get more responses as compared to poorly positioned nudges.


To Customize the Nudge Position


Step 1: Go to the Design section.


Step 2: Locate “Display the Nudge ______ of the page” tab and select the option from the dropdown menu. Options include Bottom Left, Bottom Right, Center, Top Left, and Top Right.


Select a position for the nudge  


Your survey will appear in the defined position set by you.



Qualaroo recommends you position your nudge at the bottom right side to fit best. However, you can choose any side depending on your site layout.


Qualaroo also offers you the option of Design API to place the nudge anywhere on the site using a custom CSS design. 



That is all about customizing the survey position. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.



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