How to Start the Survey in a Minimized State


Qualaroo allows you to start surveys in a minimized state allowing visitors to navigate your website seamlessly while still providing valuable feedback.



Here's how the Qualaroo survey in a minimized state looks like:


Minimized survey Preview


Starting surveys in a minimized state can help you:


  • Get qualitative responses without hampering visitors' journey.

  • Optimize user experiences for website visitors.

  • Get higher survey completion rates as users are more likely to engage with a survey that doesn't impose itself on their browsing experience.


To Start the Survey in a Minimized State


Step 1: Hover the cursor over survey and click "Design."


design section


Step 2: Click on the ‘Start minimized’ checkbox to minimize your survey(nudge).


Enabling the setting


Step 3: You can customize the minimized tab's text to prompt users to open the survey and fill it out.


Adding a custom message


Your survey in a minimized state will appear like this:


Preview of a survey in a minimized state


Persistent Feedback

This design option pairs well with surveys intended to gather feedback without overwhelming the visitors with constant pop-ups. Please click here for a detailed description of strategies and best practices around Persistent Feedback Surveys.


That's all about starting the survey in a minimized state. 



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