Persistent Feedback


Are you interested in providing your visitors with an option to provide feedback at their leisure? Creating a Persistent Feedback survey can help you gather general insights from your users on their terms. It can be beneficial if your service or website is new or in beta, and you want to collect as much helpful feedback as possible.


Survey Content

Recommended question: "Have feedback or an idea? Leave it here!"


Recommended answer type: Text-based answer


TIP: Remember to mark write-ins as required when appropriate. It will ensure those survey takers can only move to the next step once they've entered a response, and it will avoid blanks from showing up in your reporting.


Ask for feedback


If you need help understanding all the options available within the Survey Editor, visit this portion of our Help Center.


Starting Survey in a Minimized State


What sets this apart from our other recipes is that you want this survey to start in a minimized state with a tab that says "Feedback."


Minimized Survey Prompt Text


When this option is selected, your survey will appear like this:


Preview of Survey in a minimized state


Recommended Targeting Options



If you need help understanding all the options available within the Targeting Section, please visit this portion of our Help Center.


These are just suggestions. We recommend experimenting to see what works best for you.

While the suggestions mentioned are a great place to start, we ask you to keep in mind that what may work well for some may not work for all. Constantly test and tweak your surveys to hone what works best for your circumstances.


Click here to see how we recommend changes to your surveys for better results.


That is all about persistent feedback.



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