How to Set Display Frequency of a Survey


In Qualaroo, you can modify your targeting based on the number of visits to your website. Choose from multiple options from HOW OFTEN you want to display a survey to a visitor.


Setting the frequency of your survey can help you:


  • Maintain the relevancy of the survey.

  • Get genuine responses from your survey.

  • Get to know the respondent's behavior.


To set how often a survey should display:


In the TARGETING section,


  • Scroll down to HOW OFTEN.
  • Select the desired option for your survey.


How often to display a survey to visitors 


The survey will show up based on the criteria you set.


Understanding the possibilities


Only once per visitor: It is the most polite and non-intrusive option. The survey is displayed only once to the visitor, whether they respond to it or not.


Continue showing until the visitor provides a response: This option can be suitable when the user has responded to at least one question. It includes partial responses, as well as minimizing or closing the nudge.


NOTE: The "Only once per visitor" and "Continue showing until the visitor provides the response" options are governed by cookies. 

When the user takes action with the corresponding selected option, a cookie becomes available in that user's browser. 

If the cookie associated with that particular option is present in the user's browser, the survey will not appear.


Continue showing even if a visitor has responded: Most aggressive of all the options, selecting this continues to display the survey even after a visitor has responded to the survey.


Though not a practical option, it is generally used for testing the survey.


Recurrently display survey every xx days: Use this option when you want to repeatedly show the survey to the user irrespective of whether they have responded to it or not.


There are two conditions to categorize your targeting further:


  • XX days if the user has responded to your survey.

  • XX days if the user has declined your survey.


That is all about setting the frequency of your survey.



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