How to Add a Lead Generation Form Screen to a Survey


You can add the lead generation form screen to your survey or use it as a standalone pop-up to collect user data and contact information. Qualaroo lets you customize the form with various fields and even add a description & media to it.


Here's what the lead generation form will look like with a brand logo:


Image uploaded to the Lead Generation Form Screen


Benefits of adding a lead generation form:


  • Transform prospects into valuable leads.
  • Target customers based on specific interests.
  • Boost brand awareness by utilizing user data in your marketing strategies


How to Add a Lead Generation Form to Your Survey


Step 1: Open an existing survey or create a new one from the dashboard.


Step 2: Click Add Step, and a screen will appear.


Adding a new step to the survey


Step 3: Click “Lead Generation Form.”


Selecting the Lead Generation Form screen


Step 4: Edit your form description and customize the form fields in the lead generation form.


Customize the form and form fields


Step 5: Click the Add another field to screen tab to add more fields. Also, you can remove the fields which you don’t require by clicking on “Remove.”.


Adding new fields as required


Step 6: Edit the Submit button text.


edit send button


Step 7: You can also add an image or video to your lead generation form to make it more engaging.


Uploading an image


Step 8:  Click Save to apply the changes. 


Your lead generation form is now successfully created and it works well with our Salesforce, Hubspot, and MailChimp integrations.



That is all about adding a lead generation form screen to your survey. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, feel free to reach out to our support team.



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