How to Add a Video to a Survey


Add videos to Qualaroo surveys to give your web page a dynamic and interactive experience. The respondents can watch the video within the survey window and respond to the follow-up questions.


This combination of multimedia content and targeted questions lets you gather comprehensive insights, understand opinions, and make data-driven decisions.


Here’s how the video added in a nudge appears on your targeted webpage:


nudge preview on a survey


By creating video surveys, you can:


  • Allow the respondents to take the survey without interrupting their browsing experience

  • Maximize your site engagement

  • Share product demos and capture detailed insights with follow-up questions


To Add a Video to a Survey


Step 1:  In the survey Edit section, enter the question text.


enter question text


Step 2: Navigate to Media Upload and select the “Video Upload” checkbox label. Click Browse to upload a new video or select an existing one from the dropdown menu.


video upload check label


Step 3: Copy the video URL.


copy video url


Step 4: Scroll above to Question Text, select the “Display a description” checkbox label, and set the description placement as “Place before question.” Finally, save the changes and proceed to the Targeting section.


add video url in description


Once you activate your survey, the survey will appear on your targeted page.


That's all about adding a video to a survey. If you encounter any issues or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.


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