How to Add a Sideform Survey to Your Website


Adding a sidebar form to your website can be a great way to collect feedback and generate leads. This article will show you how to create and add a sidebar form using Qualaroo.


Here’s what the sidebar form will look like:


Sidebar form Preview


Benefits of adding a sidebar form:


  • Increased engagement: A sidebar form can help you engage with your website visitors and collect feedback from them.

  • Lead generation: You can generate leads and increase your customer base.

  • Improved user experience: You can improve the user experience on your website by providing easy access to important information and features.


To enable a survey on the sidebar of your website:


1. Click Create New in the top right corner of your Qualaroo dashboard.


Click the Create New button to add a new survey


2. Navigate to the Sidebar Form card and select one of the following methods to create— Choose Template or New from Scratch.


Create a new sidebar form survey from scratch or using a template


2.1: Choose Template

You will land on our Survey Templates page when you select Choose Template. Here, you can pick any of the ready-to-use surveys to modify and use as your Sidebar Form:


Select a template to use as your survey


2.2: New from Scratch

When you click New From Scratch, on the next screen, you will enter the domain name on which you want to add the Sidebar Form and click Create.


Select New from Scratch, enter the domain name, and click Create


3. After making your selection, you will land in the Qualaroo survey editor. Here, you can add/modify the following:


Qualaroo Survey Editor


You can see the preview in real time in the Question Preview section.


4. Next, you will move to the targeting section. Here, you can control the visibility of your sidebar form survey on your website. Learn More.


Set targeting of your Sidebar Form


5. The final step is to customize the look and feel of the form in the Design section. Learn More.


Customize the nudge appearance


6. Once done, you can preview your survey and/or save and activate it on your target URL.


Enable your survey on the target URL pages


Here's what the sidebar form survey will look like:


Sidebar form Preview


And that's it! If you encounter any issues or have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.



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