How to Clone or Copy Your Survey


In Qualaroo, you can easily clone or copy a survey to eliminate the need to create one from scratch. You don't need to start from scratch! With just a few clicks, you can duplicate an existing survey, effectively transferring its design and content to a new one. This convenient feature eliminates the tedious task of creating surveys from the ground up.


You can clone a survey for both:

  • Desktop browser

  • Mobile browser


Cloning a survey lets you:


  • Modify an existing survey and run an A/B test.

  • Save time and effort by retaining the standard format of the survey.


To Clone or Copy a Survey


Step 1: Locate your survey on the Qualaroo dashboard.


Step 2: Click More to open the dropdown menu and select ‘‘CLONE AS DESKTOP/ CLONE AS MOBILE.’’


Cloning a Survey for Desktop or Mobile


Step 3: Edit your survey form fields using the survey editor if required and click ‘‘Save.’’


Editing the Survey Copy


The clone survey will appear on your dashboard, as shown below.


Clone of your Actual Survey


That is all about cloning a survey in Qualaroo.



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