How to Archive a Survey


In Qualaroo, you can hide unused/inactive surveys from the survey dashboard by archiving them. It can keep your dashboard organized with relevant surveys only.


Archiving a survey lets you:


  • Remove clutter from the survey dashboard.

  • Hide inactive surveys.


In this article, you'll learn:


1. How to Archive a Survey

2. How to Unarchive a Survey


 To Archive a Survey


Step 1: Locate your survey on the Qualaroo dashboard, and click ‘Archive.’


archive option


Step 2: Click OK to confirm the action.


Confirming the archive


Your survey will move to the archive section.




Note: If you still need to export the responses, clone a survey, or otherwise make any changes, you will need to move the survey back to the ‘Active’ section.


Archiving a survey is a lot like a soft delete, so make sure to only move surveys to this area when you’re finished with them completely.


 To Unarchive a Survey


  • Switch to the Archived tab and look for the survey to be unarchived.

  • Select an option from the unarchive options.




That is all about archiving a survey.



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